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Saint Patrick's Day In Kansas City

Saint Patrick's Day 2018 in Kansas City Was Definitely Something To Remember.  It was a marathon day of DJing.  Almost 13 hours straight of spinning records.  I started out the Day at Throwback in Westport from Noon-5.  Then I headed over to Ernie Biggs' Patio Party hosted by BFAME KC from 5-7p  They had an epic set up. The sound was some of the best I've played on and the people of KC came to party.  Then I scrambled out of the craziness of Westport and headed to Waldo to close out the rest of the night at The Well.  The Well was ready to party especially since KU was playing and coming off a victory.  It was nice to finally be done for the evening but it was an exhilarating day of fun and one I'll never forget!

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