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This is the biggest day of your life! You don't want to risk it by booking a DJ that leaves your party bored and ready to go home early. Your entertainment will make all the difference at your wedding! Hydan has been in the wedding DJ business now for several years and is one of KC's top choices for DJ Entertainment in the KC Metro Area. He brings the highest quality of professional MCing and DJ skills straight to your dance floor. Being a true vinyl turntable DJ Hydan is able to capture crowds with high energy mixing and vast music knowledge catered specifically to your party. Hydan also offers piano services for wedding ceremonies or cocktail hours as he is a professional pianist as well. Go with the BEST and ensure your event is the party you've always dreamed of!

Why Choose Hydan Entertainment? Let The Music Do The Talking Hydan is not your typical "wedding" DJ.  Those guys can be cheesy.  They take over events with overly rambunctious yelling on the mic that overshadows the real stars of the night, you and your guests.  Those guys can't mix, transition, blend, or mashup and worse yet, they can't read the crowd. Hydan has years of experience playing at every type of event at every possible setting.  There's nothing that phases him as a DJ, and there’s no crowd that he can't make dance all night long.  We let the music do the talking. 
No Salesmen  We Just Love to DJ.  You won't get a salesman pitch like those other big "corporate" DJ companies who have only their bottom line in mind.  When you contact us, you'll speak with DJ Hydan himself, the same guys who would be DJing your event.  Throughout the process, from the initial planning, to working out the fine details, you’ll speak with YOUR DJ.  That way, when the day comes, there are no surprises and no hiccups.   Keeping the Process Simple We have a simple, easy-to-read contract.  One deposit, with whatever payment method is convenient for you.  That’s It!  Changing the Way You Think About Wedding DJs The days of the cheesy wedding DJs still exist unfortunately.  But you're smarter than that.  You want somebody who is going to take your party from cookie-cutter to unforgettable.  Hydan changes the way people think about wedding DJs. 

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